About Me

21a-2I have been a writer/editor in digital since 2004. As a senior editor at Allrecipes.com for seven years, I created editorial and marketing content that included social media strategy and writing, lifestyle features, a monthly meal planning column, blogs, user interface copy, print ads, as well as marketing copy for emails, banner ads, and landing pages.

As a freelancer, I create content (editorial posts, recipe development, food photography, and video) for sites like Allrecipes.com, Apartment Therapy, FeedFeed, and more, and have worked on marketing projects for clients such as Martha Stewart Living, Microsoft, Trident Seafoods, and Brooks Running. I am also the writer, recipe creator, and photographer for Pine and Crave, a delightful and delicious food and lifestyle blog. Content from my blog has been featured on HuffPost Living, SeattleMag.com, FeedFeed, Brit+Co, and HelloGiggles, and my Instagram photos have been shared by Martha Stewart, Real Simple, James Beard Foundation, and more.  

My range of experience allows me to easily adapt my writing style to the project type, adjust my voice to communicate a brand, as well as reach a specific audience—and all while remaining authentic, trustworthy, and accurate. My versatility, as well as the ease in which I work cross-departmentally with product owners, marketing specialists, and designers, makes me a valuable resource on any project.

Specific topics of interest and areas of experience are: pop culture, travel, food (meal preparation, entertaining, restaurants, etc.), health and wellness, and lifestyle topics (fashion, beauty, home decor, etc.).

For any business inquiries (or if you just want to say, “Hi!”) I can be reached via email: mackenzie.schieck@gmail.com

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